Coffee Offerings

Seven Weeks,
Seven Single Origins

Posted by Ryan O'Rourke on January 21, 2019 in Coffee Offerings No Comments

We are blessed to live in a golden age of specialty coffee. For the first time in the crop’s history, coffee lovers everywhere have ready access to an unprecedented variety of exquisite microlot single origins from all over the planet. To the educated consumer, the options to choose among can seem endless. Who hasn’t felt

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Introducing Bare-Knuckle Espresso

Posted by Ryan O'Rourke on August 3, 2017 in Coffee Offerings News No Comments

We are pleased to introduce you to a new offering in our lineup — the result of more than six months of research and development (and hundreds of test shots pulled).  We’ve dubbed it Bare-Knuckle Espresso, and it presents some rather unique characteristics.  It’s a show-stopping espresso with notes of blueberry muffin, marzipan, and cocoa. 

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