Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso


12 ounces

Flavor Notes:  Blueberry, Liquorice, Complex
Process:  Natural Process
Origin:  Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

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Farm and Family Background

This coffee hails from a mill in Dumerso owned and operated by producer Surafel Birhanu and his family. Surafel’s farm employs over 400 people at harvest time (from October to January), and processes ripe cherries from over 750 local smallholder farms. Drying is done on raised beds in very thin layers, with drying taking between four to six weeks to complete.

Grown at 1,850 meters above sea level, this heirloom coffee has a classic blueberry acidity, with complex aromatics reminiscent of liquorice and sweet spice. This is one of those “fruit bomb” coffees that make us want to try it out with every brew method possible: Chemex, espresso, pour over, batch brew – you name it!


Additional information

Weight .75 lbs

K-cup grind, Whole bean, French press grind, Drip grind, Espresso grind


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