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Instant Ironclad – Colombia Antioquia San Pascuale


Each box contains five packets with 5 grams of instant coffee — just add water

Flavor Notes:  Dark chocolate truffle, strawberry jam
Process:  Sun-dried natural
Origin:  Antioquia Department, Colombia

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This Instant Ironclad selection is part of our very own line of specialty instant coffees.  This beautiful single origin lot from Colombia is one of the most popular coffees ever to come through our roastery doors.  The punchy fruit-forward flavor profile carries over splendidly in instant form, and a luscious base of rich dark chocolate under-girds it all.

Directions: Empty one packet into your chosen vessel, add 8-10 ounces (we prefer 8) of hot or cold water, give it a brief stir, and enjoy

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Weight .25 lbs