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A Guide to the Ironclad Menu


We get it-- the coffee world can be confusing and intimidating. Understanding the difference between a cappuccino, a latte, and a macchiato can be difficult. Here at Ironclad, our passion for coffee is overflowing. We love not only serving our guests a wonderful cup but also passing on our knowledge to coffee-curious customers. So in order to help you find the perfect drink during your next Ironclad visit, we’ve created this handy menu guide. 

Jet Brew
Jet Brew
“Jet Brew” is our name for a classic cup of drip coffee. Drip coffee brewers are among the most common home-brew devices found in American homes. The drip brew method usually involves a paper filter full of ground coffee that is showered with hot water. Gravity pulls the water through the beans, making your classic cup of coffee.
At Ironclad, our Jet Twin Drip Brewer makes a flavorful and cozy cuppa. We offer two types of coffee: our House of Usher blend and a rotating single origin.
The House of Usher is our medium roast house blend that’s a hit among dark roast lovers. It has natural flavor notes of chocolate ganache and strawberry and is made with a blend of coffees from Brazil and Honduras. It’s our take on a darker roast coffee and thus makes for a beautiful breakfast coffee. 
Our single origin (meaning that the beans come from a single location as opposed to a “blend” that is a mixture of beans from multiple regions) rotates periodically, but often involves lighter, fruitier coffees. Always feel free to ask the barista about the single origin offerings!

Unlike the Jet Brew, espresso is a highly concentrated form of coffee. During the espresso brewing process, water is forcibly pushed through finely ground beans. This pressure delivers a strong and thicker coffee. At Ironclad, our beautiful Victoria Arduino Black Eagle machine “pulls”, or brews, double-shots (30-36 grams or about two ounces) of espresso.
We offer three types of espresso: Bare Knuckle, a rotating single origin, and decaf.
Bare-Knuckle: Similar to House of Usher, the Bare-Knuckle blend is made up of beans from both Brazil and Honduras. It has the natural flavors of sweet pipe tobacco and vanilla.
Single origin: Much like our Jet Brew, our single origin espresso offerings rotate, but often include light, flowery, or fruity coffees.
Decaf: If you’re not in need of caffeinated coffee and just like the taste, decaf is perfect for you. Like the single origin, our decaf offering occasionally rotates, so be sure to ask the barista about the current flavor profile for our decaf espresso.
Espresso is not for the faint of heart; its bold flavors are sure to wake you up. Due to its highly concentrated nature, many people choose to dilute it with milk or water. Thus, espresso serves as the base for many beloved drinks.

While the name “Puntino” is unique to Ironclad, it refers to a drink that is known world-wide as a traditional macchiato. Puntinos are made with a double shot of espresso and one ounce of milk and can be served either hot or cold. The word “macchiato” is Italian for “spotted” and was once used to describe a shot of espresso that was spotted with a splash of milk. Likewise, “puntino” literally translates to “point” or “dot” and describes espresso that’s been punctuated with milk. 

Containing a double shot of espresso and two ounces of milk, cortados are like puntinos’ big brother. They retain the espresso’s bold flavors while introducing a creamy texture.
Ironclad owner, Ryan O’Rourke, favors the “quad-tado” which is simply a cortado with an added espresso shot.

Admittedly, the makeup of a cappuccino differs from cafe to cafe. While some cafes make old-school cappuccinos with a double shot and thick, fluffy milk, Ironclad follows specialty coffee shop standards, serving cappuccinos that consist of a double shot with six ounces of milk. The product is a flavorful and smooth beverage. Because our cappuccinos are defined by size rather than milk consistency, we can serve capps hot or iced!

Perfect for long-term sipping, hot or iced lattes are made with two ounces of espresso and ten ounces of milk. Lattes are the most popular of the espresso beverages and are often combined with syrups to give added flavor and sweetness.
Americanos are very similar in flavor to a cup of Jet Brew, but are made with a combination of espresso and water. They’re perfect for when you want a classic cup of coffee made fresh for you. 
Flash Brew
Flash Brew
Flash Brew” is the name we give our classic iced coffee. Brewed hot and flash-chilled, our Flash Brew on the rocks is perfect for sipping on hot days.

Yama Cold Brew
Yama Cold Brew
We invite you to come and watch the Yama Drip Tower brew an intense cold-brewed coffee. Yama Cold Brew is brewed over a 12-hour period with ice-cold water that slowly drips over our House of Usher beans. Because it is brewed cold, the final result is an intense flavor with less acidity and more caffeine than most classic iced coffees.

Nitro Cold Brew
Nitro Cold Brew
Poured from the tap, Nitro Cold Brew is a cold-brew coffee that is infused and chilled with nitrogen. This infusion process gives the dark coffee a smooth and creamy texture without the addition of any milk products!
We also offer several syrups and sauces that can be added to coffee, many of which are hand-made. Syrups offered year-round include:
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Honey 
  • Vanilla*
  • Lavender* **
  • Simple*
In addition to these classics, we also offer seasonal syrups. Ask the barista about seasonal syrups that are available to enhance your coffee beverages!
* Hand-made         ** Unsweetened Concentrate
Alternative Milks
If our lovely Homestead Creamery milks aren’t your preference, we also offer two alternative milks: oat and macadamia. Both are delicious, but our baristas recommend oat milk for hot beverages and macadamia milk for iced drinks!

Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different-- and we get that. It’s our goal to serve and guide you to find the perfect drink to suit you. If you still have questions about our menu, aren’t certain which drink you should pick, or simply want to switch it up and try something unique, we always invite you to ask our friendly baristas for recommendations!

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