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Home-Brewing Methods: A Guide to Staying Caffeinated at Home

Brewing excellent coffee at home can prove rather tricky and even intimidating. If you’re looking to step up your cof...

A Guide to the Ironclad Menu

We get it-- the coffee world can be confusing and intimidating. We've created this menu guide to help you understand the difference between a cappuccino, a latte, and a macchiato so you can find the perfect drink during your next Ironclad visit.

A Coffee Gift to You from a Fascinating Farming Project in El Salvador

Beginning today and running until our supply lasts (which isn't likely to be long), every order of two bags of coffee or more shipped from our online store will receive a very special gift.  We're going to include a quarter-pound of Jorge Cruz's Pacamara variety which he processed in the "Black Honey" style.

Origin Spotlight: Nicaragua Jinotega Gold Mountain Sabino & Maria

We're pleased to present a delightful new coffee from Don Sabino and his wife, Maria Jesus.  Sabino and Maria Jesus ...

16,000 Reasons to Order Coffee

Like never before, we need your coffee orders here at  That is not a hollow, generic statement merely intended to create more business just because we'd like to be generating more revenue.  That's a blatantly honest statement brought about by additional fallout of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Introducing Old '84 Craft Coffee Soda

Straight out of the old school of craft sodas, we’re pleased to present our very first take on a coffee soda. A little bit chocolatey, a little bit cherry, a little bit spicy, and a lot coffee.

Boosting Our VCU Health Workers

On the 24th of March, 2020, our friends and neighbors at The Hodges Partnership teamed up with us on a delivery of several gallons of cold coffee to the men and women of the VCU Health emergency room.  This gesture was met with such thankfulness by those folks that we decided that same day to repeat this every single day for as long as this COVID-19 crisis continues.

Why Do We Serve Homestead Creamery Milk?

One of the most positive developments to result from the raised standards of the specialty coffee world’s “third wave” is an emphasis on principles like traceability and sustainability.  In most cases, terms like these are used in direct connection with the cultivation, harvesting, and sourcing practices of the coffee itself.  These are ideals we wholeheartedly […] The post Why Do We Serve Homestead Creamery Milk? appeared first on Ironclad Coffee Roasters.

Single Origin Spotlight: Honduras Finca Jazmin

Greetings, Ironclad patrons! Today we’re going to be telling you about the fourth of a total of seven top-flight single-origin selections we’ll be releasing this season: a lovely, refined Catuai and Bourbon microlot coffee from the La Paz department of Honduras. Finca Jazmin, a three hectare (approximately 7.5 acre) farm in the famed Márcala growing […] The post Single Origin Spotlight: Honduras Finca Jazmin appeared first on Ironclad Coffee Roasters.

Introducing Ironclad Deli Sandwiches!

We’ve got exciting news for you, folks: deli lunch sandwiches have arrived on the menu at Ironclad café. You may have noticed a change in layout at our shop in recent weeks – namely, we’ve installed a kitchenette in the back, and now have a dedicated team of line cooks on back-of house duty making […] The post Introducing Ironclad Deli Sandwiches! appeared first on Ironclad Coffee Roasters.

Origins Spotlight: Colombia Alto de la Cruz

Salutations, Ironclad family! In continuing with our gradual roll-out of seven new single-origin offerings, we now present a delightful, delectable microlot coffee from Colombia, from a women-led family farm in Gaitania, a region in the country’s west-central Tolima department. Finca Alto de la Cruz, a ten-hectare coffee farm, homestead and food production center, is a […] The post Origins Spotlight: Colombia Alto de la Cruz appeared first on Ironclad Coffee Roasters.

Tech Notes: Our Ground Control Batch Brewer

We do a lot of things differently at Ironclad Coffee Roasters. Part of the joy we experience, every day at our flagship café, is simply witnessing what some of our staff have taken to calling the “Willy Wonka effect”: the look of sheer child-like wonderment that appears on our customers’ faces when they see something […] The post Tech Notes: Our Ground Control Batch Brewer appeared first on Ironclad Coffee Roasters.
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