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Ecuadorian Gem: Here's Your Chance at a Rare Jewel of a Coffee

Lemon-lime soda.  Rainier cherry.  Caramelized sugar similar to panela.  Floral notes like lavender and rose water.  Tropical notes like starfruit and goji berry.  

All of these are clean, crisp flavors working together in perfect harmony in one exceedingly rare coffee that is incredibly fun to drink.  This is the Ecuador San Jose de Minas Galo Morales Double Anaerobic Fermented & Washed nanolot — an experimental lot in extremely short supply from one of Ecuador’s preeminent coffee producers.  Apologies for the abundance of superlatives here, but this coffee doesn't disappoint!

We have been fortunate enough to bring in a very tiny amount of this luxurious coffee, so we are taking pre-orders for just 35 half-pound packages.  This is your opportunity to experience one of the most exquisitely complex coffees in the world.

Ecuador is one of the more elusive origins, likely the result of a high cost of production, which makes it more difficult to compete in a global market.  A producer’s survival here depends on an ability to make a premium to cover the higher costs of labor.  This is the strategy taken by Galo Fernando Morales Flores, who cultivates coffee, sugar cane, guanábana (soursop), corn, beans, and oranges on a 175-acre farm called Finca Cruz Loma.  His focus is quality, which was recognized with a first-place finish in the 2019 Best of Quito-Pichincha coffee competition.  

Galo starts the process with meticulous cherry harvesting and floating to remove under-ripe and damaged beans. Next, he ferments the coffee in cherry for 90 hours before de-pulping the coffee and fermenting with water for another 12 hours so that he can then wash the coffee to remove the mucilage.  After the coffee is washed, he dries it on raised beds in the shade for three days, and then in the sun for another 15 days to gently bring the moisture down to 11 percent.  The finished parchment is stored in grainpro bags until it is time to mill and export.


Galo Fernando Morales Flores, Finca Cruz Loma


Sidra, Typica Mejorada


San José de Minas, Pichincha, Ecuador


June - September 2020


1,450 meters above sea level


Clay minerals


Double Fermented: Ripe cherries floated and then fermented whole for 90-94 hours prior to pulping and fermenting again in parchment underwater for 10-12 hours, then fully washed and dried on raised beds for 18 days.

Orders for this will ship during the week of March 1st.

Pre-Order Here

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