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[adj. ahy-ern-klad; n. ahy-ern-klad]
so firm or secure as to be unbreakable: as …
a : binding
b : having no obvious weakness

The Concept

Ironclad Coffee Roasters’ Founder, Ryan O’Rourke, spent almost five years of his life in Europe. During this time, he was immersed in a culture that embraced many important values; however, an excellent standard of customer service was, generally, not one of those values.

This experience was an eye-opener for him. It created within him a passion for, and almost an obsession with, providing an outstanding product with impeccable levels of integrity and customer service. This is why our “ironclad” promise to unwaveringly provide the highest standard of customer care goes beyond mere business motivations; it is a passion rooted in preserving and, perhaps, restoring part of what has made America great.

The Coffee

Although the specialty coffee industry is growing, there are many Americans who are now drinking coffee of lesser quality, in some cases, than what was available 50 years ago — which is mind-boggling!

Coffee that qualifies as “Specialty Grade” — per the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association — is something superior. More than just a fancy term, specialty-grade coffee is unique in terms of its cultivation, harvesting, preparation, and roasting. But, what it really comes down to is selecting the best beans with the least amount of defects in order to deliver the highest-quality cup of coffee.

Visit our Cafe: 
1805 E Grace St
Richmond Virginia
23223 United States

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