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Help for Your Coffee Business

Procure the expertise of Ironclad's Founder, Ryan O'Rourke, for your own coffee business.  Having built Ironclad into a successful and growing business from the ground-up, he brings years of experience to the floor in every conceivable facet of coffee as a profession.  Modules for Ryan's coffee consulting services include:

  • So You Want to Start a Coffee Business?
  • Coffee from Seed to Cup
  • The Roasting Process
  • Café Concepts: Which Suits You?
  • Café Design and Layout
  • The Science of Roasting

You have options when it comes to how you would like to avail yourself of Ryan's services.  You can learn from a distance with Ryan with eDocs and video conferences.  If you have already selected your location and would like to fly Ryan in to have a hands-on look and face-to-face consulting sessions, that can also be arranged.

Send Ryan an email to get the conversation underway.


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