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Our Town - Richmond Virginia

Richmond, Virginia is our town … and we’re proud of it.

Some have described our current state as “emerging,” and we think that’s a fair assessment.  Over the past decade, Richmond has come out of a difficult time in which crime was high and the general quality of life left much to be desired.  What we see now is a thriving city with nearly unlimited potential.

Credit for this goes to the tireless work and dedication of many people, not the least of which are the dedicated members of law enforcement and the residents who love their city.  Ironclad Coffee Roasters are passionate about offering anything we can to help Richmond continue its flight onwards and upwards as one of America’s truly great cities.

The Huffington Post described our town as “that little-bit-Philly-little-bit-New-Orleans decidedly southern yet close to north city.”  They also correctly observed that “there’s a vibrant, youthful, Brooklyn-before-it-got-upscale vibe here.”  We happen to agree with these observations.  Richmond’s renaissance began several years ago and has been so dramatic that anyone who visited Richmond ten years ago wouldn’t be likely to recognize the city today.

A list in Men’s Journal magazine ranked us as one of the 50 best places to live in America:

“This bastion of the Old South — complete with cobblestoned streets and blocks of historic row houses — has seen an influx of young newcomers attracted by a strong economy and the bike-friendly, DIY vibe.”

They also ranked us as one of the best cities in the country for food.  Truly, Richmond has become one of the foremost “foodie” capitals of America; and Ironclad Coffee Roasters are thrilled to be a small part of that.  Simply put, if you love good food and beverages, you will love Richmond.

Richmond has always been known for our history — from pre-Colonial times all the way up through the Civil Rights era — and, truly, history lovers will find a bountiful supply of what they love in this city.  What is encouraging, however, is that Richmond is finally embracing the richness of what we have to offer at present and into the future.

If you would like to know more about our town, give us a shout … we’ll talk your ears off!

A photograph of the Tredegar Iron Works taken after the fall of Richmond in April 1865, focusing on the iron work structures.


(top image by Tyler Thrasher)

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