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Ecuadorian Gem: Here's Your Chance at a Rare Jewel of a Coffee

Lemon-lime soda.  Rainier cherry.  Caramelized sugar like panela.  Floral notes like lavender and rose water.  Tropical notes like starfruit and goji berry.  All of these are clean, crisp flavors working together in perfect harmony in one exceedingly rare coffee that is incredibly fun to drink.

A Coffee Gift to You from a Fascinating Farming Project in El Salvador

Beginning today and running until our supply lasts (which isn't likely to be long), every order of two bags of coffee or more shipped from our online store will receive a very special gift.  We're going to include a quarter-pound of Jorge Cruz's Pacamara variety which he processed in the "Black Honey" style.

Origin Spotlight: Nicaragua Jinotega Gold Mountain Sabino & Maria

We're pleased to present a delightful new coffee from Don Sabino and his wife, Maria Jesus.  Sabino and Maria Jesus ...

Coffee at the Source: Deep in Nicaragua’s Rainforests

by Mike Jarrett I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on my trip to Nicaragua — only that I was in store for something very special.  We landed in the capital city of Managua, secured our (minimal) luggage, picked up our rental vehicle, and headed off to Matagalpa on a beautiful Wednesday evening.  My travel […] The post Coffee at the Source: Deep in Nicaragua’s Rainforests appeared first on Ironclad Coffee Roasters.
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