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Boosting Our VCU Health Workers

On the 24th of March, 2020, our friends and neighbors at The Hodges Partnership teamed up with us on a delivery of several gallons of cold coffee to the men and women of the VCU Health emergency room.  This gesture was met with such thankfulness by those folks that we decided that same day to repeat this every single day for as long as this COVID-19 crisis continues.

In the now one full week that has elapsed since we started the "Cold Brew for Our Helpers" project, we have donated about 30 gallons of ready-to-drink cold coffee to the people of VCU Health who are on the front lines in the fight against the Coronavirus.  We have focused primarily on the emergency room staff, the doctors and nurses of the MRICU (Medical Respiratory Intensive Care Unit), and the folks staffing the child care center for VCU Health employees.  We also delivered 100 bags of our House of Usher Blend for the doctors and nurses to brew at home.

We consider ourselves to be in a unique position to help boost both the morale and the energy levels of these men and women as they carry on their work.  Given our proximity to this great hospital (they're less than a half mile up the hill from our Shockoe Bottom café), and given the main focus of our business -- liquid caffeine -- we recognize this as an opportunity to fill a tremendous need in these unprecedented times.

Through these efforts, we hope these doctors, nurses, and support staff understand how thankful we are for them and their life-saving work.  If you wish to help offset some of our daily costs for this ongoing project, you may do so here.

We love this city and the people who are going to great efforts to make it a better place to live, work, and play.  Right now, it's difficult to imagine anyone doing that in a greater capacity than our healthcare workers. 

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