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16,000 Reasons to Order Coffee

Like never before, we need your coffee orders here at 

That is not a hollow, generic statement merely intended to create more business just because we'd like to be generating more revenue.  That's a blatantly honest statement brought about by additional fallout of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Today, we have at least $16,000 in outstanding and unpaid wholesale contract coffee roasting that we will, in all likelihood, never see.  These are debts from our clients precipitated by their businesses either slowing to a crawl or going under completely.  We understand their difficulties and do not harbor any ill will toward these folks, but that doesn't mean we can absorb that kind of loss and expect to make it ourselves.

For a small, family-owned business like ours that is still fairly new, $16,000 simply cannot be shrugged off.  We cannot "move on" and expect to survive that kind of loss -- particularly in a time when our overall revenue is already down 60-70% (not even counting these unpaid invoices).  We have to find a way to make up for a $16,000 loss in payment for goods already sold and services already rendered. 

Some have suggested going the crowdfunding route (e.g. GoFundMe, Indiegogo, etc.) and asking our customer base to make donations with no strings attached out of the goodness of their hearts.  We're aware that many have elected to go this route, but we've never asked for "free money" with nothing given in return, and we are not going to start now.

Instead, we are focusing our efforts to recover the money we've lost from not being paid for about 2,000 pounds of coffee (yes, that's literally one ton of roasted coffee) by way of, what else -- more roasting!  We are asking you and everyone who reads this plea to simply do business with us.  That's all.  Just order coffee from us which you already intend to brew and drink.  We aren't coming to you with our hands out; rather, we're coming to you with our arms full of delicious bags of coffee hoping you will take a bunch of it in exchange for some of your hard-earned money.  We'll never ask you to give us any of that hard-earned money for nothing in return.

(That's what about a ton of raw coffee looks like.)

After you have ordered, please share this page with as many folks as you can who may be interested in procuring a few bags of top-quality coffee in the interest of helping a small business weather this storm of the century.  COVID-19 has packed a real punch already, but if we can make up this $16,000 of money owed that we will never see, our chances of survival will look significantly better.


Thank you, genuinely, for your support you give through your business.

~ Ryan 

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