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Introducing: Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate Peaberry


Ironclad Coffee Roasters are pleased to announce the roll-out of a new coffee (for us) from Oceanic nation of Papupa New Guinea.  This one surprised us a bit, because we’ve not been overly enamored with all that many coffees out of this country.  Some of the flavor notes we picked up on were a very light mint upfront, moderately earthy, and a unique ginger-like spicy finish with syrupy body.  It’s unlike anything we’ve tried before.

Kimel Estate peaberry comes from the highlands of northeastern Papua New Guinea.  It is grown at elevations in the 4,000 to 5,000 foot range in an area with abundant rainfall and rich, well drained volcanic soil.  All these elements combine to produce coffee’s favorite growing environment, and set the basis for a very, very good cup.

A lot of “PNG” coffee is grown on very small farms and has to be transported over very poor infrastructure to the drying and processing mill.  All too often it gets moldy and fermenty during the trip.  Kimel is one of the larger coffee estates and has the advantage of being able to process the coffee right on the farm, effectively by-passing this hazard.  The beans are first rate.

Many coffee experts think a peaberry (the coffee cherry produces only a single seed instead of the normal two) has a more concentrated coffee essence — basically bringing more flavor per bean to the cup.  These are high grown beans, meaning they mature slowly, and that causes them to become more dense and generally have lower acidity.

The estate also provides schooling for the children and medical facilities for the workforce and their dependents. Clean running water has been made available to the estate workers by way of a community project financed by one of their overseas clients, and its implementation is overseen by the estate’s management. Since the estate is located along the Kimel river, from which it derived its name, it has access to good clean water for the processing of its crop. The estate’s management also implements some ecology friendly policies with regard to environmental issues, such as the recycling of pulp and water used during the wet processing. Thecultivation is conducted under shade trees, like Albizias and Gravilleas.

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