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New Releases: December Single Origins

Drying beds at origin in Nyeri Ichamama, Kenya. (Source:

Greetings, friends! As many of you wrap up your holiday shopping, Ironclad Coffee is thrilled to debut three stellar single-origin offerings for your consideration.

The first is a variation on a recent favorite: our tried-and-true Ethiopian Halo Bariti, a washed heirloom Yirgacheffe from the Gedeo Zone, which we’ve been offering as a single-origin espresso at our café. The difference is that we’ve bourbon-barrel-conditioned our latest batch, resting it for two weeks in bourbon casks by our friends at Reservoir Distillery prior to roasting. The result? A sweet, bright, lively and complex fruity character in the cup, paired with the cedar-like, delightfully boozy qualities the bourbon barrel conditioning imparts.

Look for this one at our café brewed Kyoto slow-drip style with our Yama tower. We found that this cold brewing method brings out a silky, pleasingly liqeur-like quality in other coffees we’ve prepared it with – qualities that mesh spectacularly with this coffee’s bourbon, cedar-like and naturally punchy berry fruit notes. As part of our Tolliver’s Reserve series, the Halo Bariti will also be available in limited quantities for purchase at our café and through our online store – along with the original, sans spirits!

Next on our list comes a coffee we’ve been excited about for a while: a washed-process Kenyan AA single origin from the Nyeri Ichamama region. Complex, savory and redolent of red and berry fruit, we describe this one affectionately as a “juice bomb”! Adventurous, yet approachable – perfect for the coffee connoisseur in your life, but also a coffee the entire family can enjoy. This is another of our limited-run Tolliver’s Reserve selections – look for it on the top shelf at our café, or request it by pour-over!

Washing station at origin, Nyeri Ichamama, Kenya. (Source:

Last but not least comes our Peruvian Rio Tambo, an exquisite washed Caturra from the Virgen del Carmen farm in the Satipo province of the Junin region. Luscious dark fruit – black cherry, plum – with balancing notes of dark chocolate and walnut, producing a round, silky body and a smooth, satisfying finish. Peru is making waves as one of the most exciting growing regions in specialty coffee, and the Rio Tambo exemplifies the best this country has to offer. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do – as with all of our offerings, it is available at our café and through our online store.

Keep watching this blog as we continue to post updates to our origins program, goods and merchandise offerings, and publicize in-house events and developments! We’ve got a lot in the works heading into the new year, so stay tuned!

For the Ironclad crew,

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