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New Retail Prepacks Are Here!

It’s been a long time coming, Ironclad fans, but our new retail prepacks have finally hit the shelves.

These bags literally shine.

A lot of you were fans of our old prepack style, adorned with pen-and-ink etchings of old Richmond environs and our company motto, “No fimble-famble.” Rest assured that the new bags take everything that was good about the old bags, and improve upon it. New features include a sleek, silver-and-violet color scheme; a simplified label design on the front and a rendering of our namesake, the Tredegar Ironworks, on the back; and a re-closable Ziploc device that eliminates the need to fold the bag down after opening.

Now zip-closable to preserve freshness.

Some of the recognizable design elements from the previous version are still present, but in different places. We moved our motto to the underside of the bag, and as for our mascot, the impeccable gent in the top hat and monocle – he’s smartly taken up residence on the inside of the bag.

These new prepacks are the genuine article, folks. In addition to carrying our coffee in style, they are among a very few types of vacuum-pack coffee bags with 100% fully recyclable components. Please note that they can’t go out in your regular recycling bin – their parts have to be broken down and separated first – but when you’re done with them, bring them back to us and we’ll send them off to the facility that processes them!

We hope you’ll geek out over the coolness of these new prepacks as much as we have been – it’s genuinely a pleasure to be able to offer you these.

For the Ironclad crew,

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