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RVA Eats, Sips in Support of Local Schools

LoveRVA Mornings for Ms. Sims

What better way could there possibly be to support our local Richmond City schools, teachers, and students than by sipping on fresh and locally roasted coffee alongside some of our city’s most delicious sweet treats?  That’s exactly what a large number of Richmonders did this past Thursday morning when they came out to the Ironclad roastery in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood.

This was the second in an ongoing series we’ve dubbed “LoveRVA Mornings” — the first having raised much-needed support for the life-saving work ongoing at the Richmond SPCA.  Along with our friends from C&C Cinnamon Rolls and Idle Hands Bread Company, we’re setting our sights on motivating Richmonders who love and take pride in our great city to “LoveRVA” on a consistent and ongoing basis.   It’s no secret that Richmond Pubilc Schools are in a time of great need.  When we come together to love on our local schools, teachers, and students by enjoying coffee, Danish, and cinnamon rolls, everyone wins!

This month’s beneficiary was Ms. Rohoma Sims and her third grade class at Overby-Sheppard Elementary School in the northside area of Richmond.  Here’s a brief auto-biographical  sketch of Ms. Sims along with why this money will make a tremendous impact on her students for the 2016-17 school year:

My name is Rohoma Sims.  I am from the small town of South Boston, Virginia.  I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where I had the honor of receiving my bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies of Elementary Education and Master’s of Teaching.


I became a teacher for Richmond City Public School at Overby-Sheppard Elementary because it is the place I feel I am touching lives and making a difference.  Every day is an adventure, and I enjoy taking it with my students each year.


Donations would be a blessing for my students.  Most of my students struggle with purchasing the school supplies needed to have a successful year.  I typically buy supplies myself, which can become quite expensive.  I also try to give my students real life hands-on experiences which can be very expensive.  Any donations given to us will go towards school supplies and materials for activities.  Anything given will be appreciated and put to great use.

Ms. Sims at Ironclad Coffee Roasters
Caroline Hutchings of C&C Cinnamon Rolls, Ms. Rohoma Sims of Overby-Sheppard Elementary School, and Ryan O’Rourke of Ironclad Coffee Roasters (Not pictured: Jay Metzler of Idle Hands Bread Company)

Thanks to the generosity and community spirit of everyone who came out on the morning of August 25th, we were able to raise — together — $600 for Ms. Sims and her third-graders.  As Rohoma said herself, your love and support will be a blessing for her students!

Thank you so much, friends, for your love and enthusiastic support.  We hope even more of you will be able to come out for our next LoveRVA Mornings event on Thursday, September 29th.  Bring a friend (or ten!) along with you so we can lavish even more love on our great community.

~ Ryan

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