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Single Origin Spotlight: Honduras Finca Jazmin

Greetings, Ironclad patrons! Today we’re going to be telling you about the fourth of a total of seven top-flight single-origin selections we’ll be releasing this season: a lovely, refined Catuai and Bourbon microlot coffee from the La Paz department of Honduras.

La Paz is located in southwestern Honduras – a mountainous region known for producing citric, candy-like coffees with notes of cocoa.

Finca Jazmin, a three hectare (approximately 7.5 acre) farm in the famed Márcala growing region of La Paz, is owned and operated by Nancy Hernandez Contreras with her husband Arturo and their daughter Alex. At a young age, Nancy began learning the coffee trade from her father, an established cafetero since the 1970s, during an era where women in Honduras had few opportunities to buy land or become business owners in the industry. Starting work at the local coffee cooperative at age 15, Nancy soon found her footing in a community with common interests, working with groups of women to organize toward a better, more equitable future for her fellow laborers. Today, in addition to running Finca Jazmin, Nancy and her family own three coffee shops in Márcala under the name Aroma Café. “Aroma Café is a family business,” Nancy writes. “Our focus is to leave a heritage for new generations and to generate employment for young people and above all transmit our passion for coffee through our work.”

Nancy Hernandez Contreras at Finca Jazmin. Source:

Nancy and others like her are true pioneers in Honduras, one of the most interesting and promising growing regions in Latin America at the moment, with rapid improvements to infrastructure and processing quality yielding unprecedented gems among single origins, and at reasonable prices. Located 1,550 meters above sea level, Finca Jazmin’s seasonal crop yield is relatively small – a scant 5,000 lbs. – making this washed-process coffee all the more prized for its rarity. Tasting notes include heady, intricately floral aromatics and clean, vivid acidity reminiscent of white grape and cantaloupe, complemented by a balanced structure, tea-like body, and underlying notes of butterscotch. It’s the first of our Spring Seasonal Selections – look for it with the distinctive floral label (shown below) on the shelves at the Ironclad café, as well as on our online catalog.

That’s all for this update, friends – but stay tuned, as we still have three additional single-origins planned for release in the near future. Until then!

For the Ironclad crew,

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