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The Perfect Pair for Valentine’s Day


Traditionally, the idea behind the Valentine’s holiday has been the celebration of love and companionship.  Every time February rolls around, those who celebrate this day with their beloved ones search high and low for a meaningful gift that will be enjoyed.

Now, we aren’t saying we have the most profound Valentine’s Day gift in the history of Valentine’s Day gifts.  Really, though, we’re not aiming for profound here.  We’re aiming for beautiful, delicious, and something that will be immensely enjoyed by the one you love.  Coffee and chocolates are considered by most to be “comfort foods,” so this really is “the perfect pair” for February 14th.

To that end, we’ve teamed up with Richmond’s premier chocolatier, Chocolates by Kelly, to bring you a Valentine’s Day package that is as delicious as it is beautiful.  Bestow upon your beloved a bag of our Brazil Sitio Barra Grande Estate coffee (with flavor notes of chocolate-covered cherries and a silky body) and an assorted six-pack of handmade, artisan chocolates.  It has all been crafted with love in Richmond, Virginia.  You also have the option of adding one of our stoneware coffee mugs which are hand-made by our friends, the skilled potters up at Sunset Hill Stoneware in Wisconsin.  Either package will be a splendid treat for anyone special in your life who loves the classic combination of coffee and chocolate.

Your gift package will be placed in a custom, hand-decorated gift bag to finish off what will, hopefully, be the most delicious and comforting gift your special someone has received on the 14th day of February.


With optional stoneware mug
With optional stoneware mug

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