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Bare-Knuckle Espresso

Bare-Knuckle Espresso

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** Bronze medal winner at the 2018 Golden Bean North America roasting competition **

This is our flagship espresso at our own café.  It's a beauty straight up, but it also punches through milk with sweetness and luscious viscosity.

So, what’s up with the name and the artwork?  We named Bare Knuckle Espresso in honor of Richmond-born Tom Molineaux, a fascinating man born as a slave right here in Richmond, Virginia in 1784.  Molineaux grew up to become a prolific boxer (all bare-knuckle at that time). He eventually earned his owner a large sum of money in winnings on bets, was granted his freedom, and moved to England where he expected to be able to earn money as a professional boxer.

He did have some success in the succeeding years, but never attained the wealth he had hoped for.  Sadly, he died penniless — but free — in Galway, Ireland in 1818.  That not withstanding, we are proud to honor the memory and legacy of a Richmond original — a man born into the ugliness of slavery who made his mark in his own way.

If you are an owner or an employee of a café that would like to put it through the paces at your own place, we’re always happy to send out samples. If you are an avid home barista who enjoys espresso a bit "off the beaten path" with fresh flavors, a balanced profile, and not a trace of the smoke you'd typically find in the majority of espressos, this will be right up your alley.

Flavor Notes: Sweet pipe tobacco, vanilla, aromatic

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