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FrankenBlend Series: Mermoose

FrankenBlend Series: Mermoose

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One of the trilogy in our "FrankenBlend" series.  Our FrankenBlends are meticulously crafted combinations using very specific blend percentages and roast profiles of our most character-toward coffees.  The results in the cup are vibrant and flavorful experiences quite unlike any other.

Mermoose is a blend of two roast profiles of the same coffee -- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere natural process.  It's part über-light roast profile, and part medium roast profile.  The result is something like the "HDR" (high-dynamic-range) effect in photography.  You get all the flavors this coffee has to offer across the entire spectrum.

Flavor Notes:  Blueberry Cobbler, Full Spectrum

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