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Steam Engine Blend
Steam Engine Blend
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Steam Engine Blend

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When we set out to create the "flagship" blend for Ironclad Coffee Roasters, one primary goal was to develop something that would perform well in any brewing application.  Whether we're talking espresso, auto-drip, French press, AeroPress, pour-over, cold brew -- you name it -- our house blend had to produce a delicious cup, no matter the choice of preparation method.  It absolutely needed to be a "work horse."

We think we've nailed it with Steam Engine Blend (based on overwhelmingly positive feedback).  If you enjoy great blends, we invite you to give it a try in any and all brewing methods at your disposal.  Let us know where you think Steam Engine shines the brightest.

So, what's with the name?  Our hometown -- Richmond, Virginia -- has a long and illustrious history relating to trains and railroads.  RVA's grand old Main Street Station stands today in all her glory as a reminder of the golden age of railroads in Virginia.  

Richmond was home to North America's only "triple crossing."  It was here -- located just east of 14th and Dock Streets -- that the Chesapeake and Ohio crossed over the Seaboard AirLine Railroad, which crossed over the Southern Railroad.  Both Main Street Station and the old triple crossing are a mere stone's throw away from our café in Shockoe Bottom.

Trains and the rails on which they travel remain a prominent feature of Richmond today.  Steam Engine Blend is our nod to vital role the railroads played in building not only Richmond, not only Virginia, but our entire nation.  Pick up a bag of Steam Engine Blend, enjoy it however you wish, and be reminded of the men and women on whose shoulders we stand.

You can expect Steam Engine to deliver an approachable cup for nearly any coffee drinker with moderate levels of acidity and a balanced flavor profile.

Flavor Notes:  Chocolate, Baking Spices, Versatile

Please note: In an effort ensure your coffee arrives as fresh as possible, we roast everything to order.  Website orders are roasted each Wednesday, packaged Wednesday, and shipped on Thursday.  Orders will be filled as quickly as possible depending on availability, but please note that orders placed after Monday may be filled the following week.

Free nationwide delivery with orders over $75!

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