Free nationwide delivery with orders over $75!

We’re always honored to have fine cafés, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and other business establishments serve our coffees. There are no minimum orders, no burdensome contracts (if you’re not happy with our product and service then we’re doing something wrong), and local delivery is available. Freshness, deliciousness, and your satisfaction are part of our “Ironclad” guarantee. If you would like to serve and/or sell Ironclad coffee, please take a moment to fill out the form below, and we’ll be back with you promptly.

Listen to what a few of our wholesale partners have said about their experience in working with Ironclad:

“When we started looking for roasters for our cafe, we wanted someone that felt more like a partner or a teammate, instead of just a supplier. We wanted a roaster we could trust and rely on if we ever got ourselves in a pinch and needed a quick delivery. We looked for someone who would work with us to create our own house coffee and espresso blends, and who could provide consistently excellent coffee at a fair price. We love working with these guys, they tick all of our boxes, and our customers are huge fans of the end result.”

~ Christian & Jake Adams from The Local Cup (Mechanicsville, VA)

“Our mission as an independently owned coffee shop is to always source our coffees consciously and locally. With the help of the folks at Ironclad, it’s coffee sourcing with no “fimble-famble!” Between their exceptional customer service and speedy delivery turnaround, they have left nothing to chance as one of Richmond’s newest and finest roasters of specialty coffees. We love having them as an addition to our ever-changing single-origin coffee selection!”

~ Manda from Perk! Bon Air

“Working with the Ironclad team is like working with partners. They’re honest and genuinely care about our needs as an individual customer. We love using a roaster who is local to Richmond, and our customers have enjoyed the switch. I have full confidence in the consistency of their product every cup we brew, and every shot we pull.”

~ Claire from Stir Crazy Café

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