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Building Ironclad


This autumn, we will be privileged to open the doors to a new coffee roastery in the great city of Richmond, Virginia.  It’s exciting to be posting this first blog at some six months (or thereabouts) ahead of the roaster being fired up for the very first time.

As you might imagine, a tremendous amount of planning and work is required to take this from the “dream” stage, to the planning stage, and all the way through to the execution of those plans and the grand opening.  We are “chomping at the bit” to begin roasting magnificent coffees for you, but there is a list of items as long as Richmond’s Kanawha Canal that have to be completed before flame hits drum.

We’ll have much more to show you in the coming days and weeks.  For now, we’d love to have you place your name on our mailing list, which is the easiest way to make sure you stay abreast of all the developments as we build Ironclad.

If you are not following us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+, you can jump right to those pages by clicking on the social media icons at the top-left of any page on this site.  We’d love to connect with you via those platforms.  Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at any time.

Thank you so very much for stopping by … let’s talk again soon.

~ Ryan

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