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Introducing: Brazil Barra Grande Estate Natural

Brazil Coffee
Scenes from the Sitio Barra Grande farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil

As part of Ironclad Coffee Roasters’ inaugural offerings, we are pleased to present a naturally (dry) processed coffee from a farm in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil.

Sildes Caixeta, owner of Sitio Barra Grande, is a third-generation coffee farmer from a region called “Alto Barreiro,” on the border of Poço Fundo and Machado in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The farm was owned by his grandfather, but when Sildes was five years old, his family was forced to sell the property. In 1985, the young man bought the property back and now lives in the house his grandfather built.

In Sildes’ own words:

“I am very proud of this place; here is where I first learned the biggest lesson of my life – patience is everything. I did wait 30 years, but the opportunity came and I was ready to buy this property back.”

When asked what he would like people to know who enjoy his coffee, here’s what Sildes said:

“Our secret – patience! We don’t rush, we rotate the cherries multiple times under the sun. My son sometimes wants to get things done faster, but I try to teach him that patience is our secret for good quality. We’re finally seeing the results by selling it for a better price.”

This is a fine example of a low-acid Brazilian coffee that is sure to be enjoyed by those who appreciate a more mellow cup with a heavier mouthfeel. That having been said, there remains a pleasantly fruity characteristic in the cup thanks to the dry processing method. This one’s a crowd-pleaser.

As such, this is a coffee we will endeavor to keep in stock as often as possible. Check out all our current coffee offerings in our WebStore.

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