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Introducing: Ethiopia Hambela Alaka (Grade 1)

Muluemebet Emiru EthiopiaWe’re pleased to introduce you to one of the very first coffees available for purchase at the Ironclad Coffee WebStore. We love Ethiopian coffees for a myriad of reasons: High elevations that make for stellar complexity in the cup, striking flavors and acidity, and the history (Ethiopia is the place whence all coffee originated).

This particular coffee — Ethiopia Hambela Alaka (Grade 1) — has a particularly a compelling backstory.

The Hambela Estate on which this coffee is grown has a rich history that began shortly after World War II when the Ethiopian Emperor awarded Muluemebet Emiru (pictured above), the first African female pilot and family matriarch, with land in the Harrar and Sidamo regions. The estate remains family owned and strives to provide employment opportunities to the local community. They are committed to educational and medical support including a partnership with Grounds for Health to implement cervical cancer screening for women in the community. The Hambela Estate also has the first and only private, state-of-the-art, SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) certified quality control lab in Africa, used to train both domestic and international coffee professionals.

The coffee grown on this special farm is of impeccable quality. The Hambela Estate is among the rare single-farm Ethiopian coffees. The extremely high altitude creates a complex flavor profile, and this fully washed version offers a clean, delicate cup. The citrus acidity is prevalent, but we intentionally roast it in such a fashion that coaxes out more of the sweet citrus notes (think lemon as compared to lime).

If you enjoy complex coffees without too much of a “punch” in terms of the “funky” acidity that comes along with naturally (dry) processed Ethiopian selections, this washed version from the Hambela Estate may be right up your alley. Check out all our current coffee offerings in our WebStore.

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