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Drink Ironclad Coffee at The Urban Farmhouse!


Finding Ironclad coffees around Richmond just got a lot easier.  We’re thrilled to announce our newly forged relationship with The Urban Farmhouse Market and Café.  At the time of this writing, all six (and soon to be seven) of their locations dotted all across the greater Richmond region are now exclusively serving our coffees.

Here’s the little press release that hit the news just a few days ago:

RICHMOND, VA; June 23, 2016 – Ironclad Coffee Roasters has announced their new partnership with The Urban Farmhouse Market & Café.


Ironclad, which roasts specialty-grade coffees in small batches, is now providing freshly roasted coffee to all six locations of The Urban Farmhouse.  A proprietary house blend served exclusively at The Urban Farmhouse was created to appeal to a wide spectrum of coffee drinkers.  Also being roasted and served are espresso blends (in both regular and decaf), single-origin coffees rotating on a seasonal basis, and a blend for iced coffee.


A renewed emphasis will be placed on educating both The Urban Farmhouse staff and clientele on both the fundamentals and the finer points of specialty coffee.  “One advantage of serving locally roasted coffee is the convenient access to the knowledge and expertise of the people sourcing and roasting your coffee,” said Ironclad founder, Ryan O’Rourke.  “Conscientious coffee roasters make great efforts to know each coffee inside and out, and being just around the corner from the folks who are serving it has tremendous advantages — for both.”


O’Rourke emphasizes an approach that gives equal attention to both quality and approachability for anyone and everyone.  “We don’t ever want anyone — anywhere and at any time — to feel intimidated by coffee.  We see no need for pretentiousness in coffee.  It’s something that should be fun.  Coffee should be a comfort beverage, and we believe you can roast, brew, and drink magnificent coffee while enjoying a bit of levity.”  That levity is seen in some of Ironclad’s branding as well as in some of the wide-ranging events hosted at their roastery.


Ironclad Coffee Roasters, based in Richmond, Virginia, was founded in February of 2016.  Their roastery is located in Richmond’s Scott’s Addition neighborhood.  For more information, visit

To say were thrilled about this new working relationship doesn’t quite capture it.  The Urban Farmhouse is known as a company dedicated to providing the best foods and beverages possible to the people of RVA.  The Ironclad team is glad to now be a key part of those outstanding offerings.

Click here to find your nearest location of The Urban Farmhouse, and let them know we sent you!

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