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Inspiring the Next Generation of Specialty Coffee Professionals


Word is getting around, now, about Ironclad Coffee Roasters’ new partnership with the folks over at the UMFS Charterhouse School.  It’s a partnership that seeks to instruct, inspire, and instill confidence in the lives of young people who need a bit of a helping hand.   It’s another way we can help make the city we love most — Richmond, Virginia — a better place.

Charterhouse School empowers children with autism and other neurological differences and students with emotional challenges.   Currently, three young men are running a coffee cart on their school’s campus.  They cater to the 100+ staff members of UMFS, selling cups of coffee and learning valuable skills and lessons about life.  We are happy to be donating the coffee for this endeavor, and to hear news of the enthusiasm with which these young fellows are approaching the project.

You can read more about the partnership at this post from RVANews.

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