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The Boathouse, Casa del Barco Now Have an Ironclad Coffee Program

We’re pleased to announce that two popular Richmond-based restaurants are now serving exclusively Ironclad coffee.  The Mexican themed Casa del Barco and all three locations of The Boathouse have made the switch as part of their commitment to using local products.  A fourth location of The Boathouse will be coming online later this year in Hopewell as will a second location of Casa del Barco in Short Pump.

The Ironclad crew worked hand-in-hand with members of The Boathouse / Casa del Barco team to create a proprietary blend dubbed The Boathouse Blend.  The inclusion of a very nice Mexican coffee from the Oaxaca state is a perfect tie-in to the heavy influence of Oaxacan cuisine at Casa del Barco.  We think the mole sauce connection is beautiful with the rich chocolate flavor notes present in the coffee.

On the flip side, for The Boathouse, just looking up and down the dessert menu and the brunch menu offers evidence of why beautiful coffee should always be a part of any great restaurant’s offering. The care and attention given to quality ingredients and the preparation thereof should carry through in every aspect of the meal as diners enjoy a decadent dessert or a magnificent brunch.  That is exactly what the coffees we are sourcing and roasting for The Boathouse and Casa del Barco accomplish.

The Boathouse Blend is available in an exquisite table-side French press service at all locations of The Boathouse and Casa del Barco.  You can also enjoy the blend in a cold-brew application at Casa del Barco.


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